At the moment I do not have a waiting list. If wanted/needed I can see new clients within a few days.  
Please fill in your name, mailaddress and message. Press 'Verstuur' to send your message. ('Annuleren' means that you cancel sending your message.)
I prefer contact via email and will respond within 48 hours.
Tel. +49 (0)30 755 236 91 

Ceryl Janssen 
PS Practice for Sexology
Joachim Friedrichstrasse 55 (Charlottenburg/Halensee)
10711 Berlin

Main office in the Netherlands:
WG-Plein 172
1054 SC Amsterdam


Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions concerning the patient form, costs/compensation or procedure.


As for your privacy I kindly ask you not to send me any details about your problem or complaint in your message.

The email option is NOT meant for questions about possible pregnancy, STD’s and so on. (See ‘Links’ for this.)

  • Anmeldung ist ab sofort möglich, es gibt keine Warteliste
  • Sitzungen abends und samstags möglich
  • Telefonische Beratung ist möglich (zum Beispiel für Klienten aus dem Ausland)