The cost per session (individual, around 50 minutes) is € 105. For evening sessions (after 06:00 pm) or on Saturday, the price is € 135.
Couple sessions 60 minutes: € 135 (Evening/Saturday: € 165).
Couple sessions 90 minutes: € 200 (Evening/Saturday: € 145).


Discount only possible after request (before the intake session took place).


Although I am a registered sexologist NVVS, treatments are almost never covered in the Dutch health insurance law. Unfortunately this means that chances are very high that you have to pay for the sessions yourself.

Sometimes patients with an 'aanvullende verzekering' (partially) get paid back for a (small) number of sessions. I recommend that you check with your individual health care provider for the specific details regarding compensation and deductibles. If you qualify for compensation, a referral from your physician (GP) or specialist is compulsory.

Sometimes it is also possible that your employer will pay a portion as well.


  • Appointments are binding. You must cancel or reschedule an appointment at least 48 hours prior, otherwise you will be charged for the appointment.
  • Payments must be made within 30 days. You are responsible for paying on time. Late payments will have a surcharge of €10 plus any additional charges incurred from your health care provider. 
  • Completed sessions must be paid for regardless of whether or not they are reimbursable.
  • Anmeldung ist ab sofort möglich, es gibt keine Warteliste
  • Sitzungen abends und samstags möglich
  • Telefonische Beratung ist möglich (zum Beispiel für Klienten aus dem Ausland)